Friday, August 28, 2009

The Winds of Change may blow around you...Cartoon for New Choice Canada

I'm so pleased to have been contacted by Murray from New Choice Canada. He loves my cartoon illustration work and approached me with this opportunity....He is starting a new political party. A new beginning. He's got a lot of great ideas and I wish him all the best.
And I will be doing some editorial illustrations for him.

This is the 1st cartoon I was commissioned for by New Choice Canada check it out:
He was VERY specific about the details, wording etc, but he also let me go hogwild with the characters and cartooning, which I love! I used plasq's awesome Comic Life Deluxe for wording balloons and "Swine" Pish posh" lettering.
I wasn't sure what the topics would be for Canada's politics but apparently the political climate is very similar to that of the U.S. I guess their GST is our IRS.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eagles Vick cartoon-finished!

Just finished up this piece. Feel free to share.
(Click on pic for larger view)
Pretty much sums up how this Eagle's fan feels right now...cept my lawn never looked that nice.
Anyone else feel the same?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FLASH toons for kids interactive books

Just finished up a REALLY FUN project.
Client gave me virtually complete artistic freedom (within reason) and LOVED my finished work!
These are all done in Flash so maybe I can anim8 later.
Looking forward to more like this.
Thanks Kris!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

..or Get Off the POT!

I have sooo many drawings, sketches and toons that are just sitting there and I think they could make great tee-shirt, mousepad, coffee mug, etc. designs and I think now is the time to look into zazzle and cafe press.
I'm also going to look into self publishing my comic soon. All this takes time away from drawing but I am trying to discipline myself with a better balance of drawing AND marketing what I draw.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bass Ale gigs Cont'd

This gig at Houlihans in Secaucus NJ was on one of the stormiest nights ever.
Strange request from a customer to draw some crazy stuff with the barmaid-he bought a Bass (and me one as well) so I happilly obliged. She never sat to get drawn so I drew her from afar and she kinda looked like she had a "surprised" look on her face ...I saw this other employee running around so I thought it COULD BE FUNNY TO THROW HIM IN HER BEER-that would work with the expression. He was a great subject w/ dreadlocks- the predator guy kinda tied the whole "strange" theme together.... I also drew the bald guy w/ glasses from across the bar, when he came over to shake my hand and thank me, I was pretty happy w/ the accuracy I got except his chin was square, not round.

Bass Ale gigs Cont'd

Looking forward to more of these...

Bass Ale gigs Cont'd

Some really cool people at this bar Jimmy Geez-and relaxed enough crowd size where I could work on the coloring a bit.

Bass Ale gigs

I have been doing a couple gigs thru for Bass Ale. Lotsa fun at these gigs-some bIgger crowds than others-and some sitters younger than others-but always a fun time!


This top guy was laughing at me laughing at him-he said I looked like I might pee myself while I was drawing him-so I capitalized on the idea....He LOVED it!


These are some pix from the Eagles ticket holder party I did with fellow Toonsters Angie, Joe, and crazy lunatic Johnny Sprague .This was one of those gigs where you get geared up for a giant non-stop crowd-B&W heads only-no frills semi-speed competition drawings,..... and then you find out the crowds aren't there. This can bring a real feeling of relief, and now you have time to create more elaborate work tailored to the lucky few who are there.
It's always great when you get someone like this 1st guy who requests to be ripping off a (Dallas) Cowboys head and this sets the stage for the rest of the sitters. I worked some Phillies games before and had a good time, but Football is inherently a funner sport for caricature with the blood, mud, and dirt an integral element of the game.

I will Follow....

I just noticed the "followers" tab option. Makes so much sense, So if you want to keep track of the sporadic postings of this blog-please click on "follow" and I will try to post more regularly. Thanks!
In meantime-here's my dog Jackson skateboarding..... just because....