Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stills from animation

Seems I always have problems posting video to blogger so here are some stills from the aforementioned project.


This is an edited version of the 1st big project I did entirely on my Cintiq!....and I dont think I could have done it without THE AMAZING DOUBLE CLICK PEN! (and make deadline)!
It was a 14 day timeline and most of those were 10am-5am days!
This was a birthday gift and definitely one of the most intense birthday gifts I ever worked on.
Probably the most intense project PERIOD!
My client opted for cartoon characters ilo caricatures per se and he had a very specific set of action scenes and scenery to animate, while giving me artistic/ humorous license to elaborate.
He also had a specific soundtrack requested-(otherwise it would be all Zeppelin songs!)

His comments:
Great! Love them! You are a rockstar....
These are awesome!
It was amazing. She LOVED it!
You totally rock! Everyone who's seen it so far is completely wowed!

It was a lot of fun & a LOT of work (and little sleep) and I look forward to more projects like this(but hopefully more comfortable deadlines)

.... so if YOU want to give an extraordinary animated birthday gift contact me at 267 304 3230 and I'll stock up on no-doze!....

New iphone/ ipad app game coming

STILL waiting on the zombie game!
Meanwhile here's a couple fave character sketches for another game for same client.
I'll post more as it develops and I am permitted.

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