Tuesday, December 20, 2011

iSammy kids app is available NOW on app store!

I've been working on the artwork, character designs and animation for a few ipad apps now for quite some time and one of them is now completed and on the app store!! Anyone who is familiar with my work will notice this is a GIANT departure from my other styles and this was a very learning experience.
The art director definitely knew what he wanted  and I had to incorporate a lot of gradients and mask layers in flash to create the product he wanted. I spent as much time thinking as I did drawing on this-my 1st kids ipad app. Sooo much more to this than just drawing, I think of all the projects I've worked on, I learned the most from this one- and so much more to still learn.....

I'm looking forward to getting back to the more zany projects but I am also happy that I have yet another style to offer clients and look forward to working with James and Backatcha in the future!
It's a really cute story and I think little kids will love it-especially the voice recording function that changes the pitch of the kids voices (and of course the cool artwork and animation)..!
It'll make a great Christmas gift-Go get it!  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/isammy/id475017870?mt=8

Maybe some day that zombie app will be available too!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Video from Fun Family Party

Video from Fun Family Party-HERE is the video from the previous posted pix-you can hear an emphatic "That looks EXACTLY LIKE you" from one of the very observant kids there- !!
A great fun party with great fun people-Thanks again Jeff!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check out my caricature, cartooning and animation listing on Thumbtack!
My Caricamation-animated caricatures to character design to kids books to comic book work will all be displayed there soon!
It's a cool new site where you can see many of the services I offer.

Harringtoons Live Animated Digital Caricaturist

Steve Jobs Caricature-RIP

I did this Steve Jobs caricature when it was announced my app would be one of many flash created ones to be denied access to the ipad- Thank God that all changed (for the Zombie app anyway) since but at the time Apple was restricting EVERYTHING with the slightest tint of a grey area- from Tiger Woods apps to Bobble head's by Mad mags Tom Richmond to ANYTHING with boobies!....(see the piece in question below) Gotta love all the toys Steve gave us to make part of our lives-RIP Mr. Jobs-Thanks for everything.

Argh-Why didn't this post the 1st time?!....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Fun Caricatures!!

This was a great fun-loving family!
Jeff and his family were having so much fun with my Cutesy/ Crazy styled caricatures I ended up going double OT!
I really loved doing the group caricatures- especially Jeff and all the kids- and mixing up the Cute kids-not-so-cute-grownups!

Another favorite part was the brother & sister starting out hugging lovey-dovey and ending up knocking eachother out in boxing ring! Thanks Jeff!

I'll have to post the video of this too with the narrating by a very wise young lady with a great eye for art exclaiming between bites of her doughnuts, after each revealing..."it looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!..