Thursday, June 18, 2009

more pix from vid

PIX from video

These are bettter quality pix from the video...

New Video Live Party Samples! BIG LAUGHS!

I've been trying to blog more effectively and came across theses clips.
This 1st lady is no doubt-thee NUMBER ONE BIGGEST LAUGH I have had in 20 some years doing this!
There were a lot of close-2nds, but the decibels and duration of this lady's enjoyment stand out from all the rest!
She loved her caricature! I laugh at this everytime I see it! Hope you do too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Check out this site:
The first I heard of it was on Steve Silver's blog
Steve is an awesome character designer and very cool guy.
A few days later I got an email from Ivan at cool new site with lotsa fun stuff, pix, games, etc.
He said he was impressed with my work and would like to feature it!
It's great that he is also interested in my Flash toons for future posting.
It's also awesome that he posts the pix at a pretty large size so you don't have to strain your eyes.
Thanks Ivan!

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