Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bass Ale gigs Cont'd

This gig at Houlihans in Secaucus NJ was on one of the stormiest nights ever.
Strange request from a customer to draw some crazy stuff with the barmaid-he bought a Bass (and me one as well) so I happilly obliged. She never sat to get drawn so I drew her from afar and she kinda looked like she had a "surprised" look on her face ...I saw this other employee running around so I thought it COULD BE FUNNY TO THROW HIM IN HER BEER-that would work with the expression. He was a great subject w/ dreadlocks- the predator guy kinda tied the whole "strange" theme together.... I also drew the bald guy w/ glasses from across the bar, when he came over to shake my hand and thank me, I was pretty happy w/ the accuracy I got except his chin was square, not round.

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