Wednesday, August 5, 2009


These are some pix from the Eagles ticket holder party I did with fellow Toonsters Angie, Joe, and crazy lunatic Johnny Sprague .This was one of those gigs where you get geared up for a giant non-stop crowd-B&W heads only-no frills semi-speed competition drawings,..... and then you find out the crowds aren't there. This can bring a real feeling of relief, and now you have time to create more elaborate work tailored to the lucky few who are there.
It's always great when you get someone like this 1st guy who requests to be ripping off a (Dallas) Cowboys head and this sets the stage for the rest of the sitters. I worked some Phillies games before and had a good time, but Football is inherently a funner sport for caricature with the blood, mud, and dirt an integral element of the game.


Emily Anthony said...

This is the funniest violence I have ever seen!!!
Pat, you are truly in the top tier of hilarious caricaturists.

Harringtoon said...

Thanks A lot, Em!