Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Came across this piece I did while in art school....lo some 20 or so years ago...ouch!
It's for the story "The Old Man & the Sea"-great movie with Spencer Tracey....
I remember the reason I picked this scene was just about every other artist in class was going with the literal and obvious subjects of the marlin and boat and sea and I was tired of doing that for other projects so I wanted to go in a direction that was more personal to the story and really only accurately interpretable by those who actually read the book (or saw the movie)-not just the title.

It's still one of my favorite pieces I ever did and I miss the discipline of art school to pull me out of my "Cartoondom Safe Haven" at least once in a while...Thanks for the assignment, Kim!


Another Saturday morning type gift caricature.
A really fun one! FLASH & Photoshop.
I coulda (and wanted) to go a LOT further with zombie or Frankenstein monsters, body parts, etc. but client didn't want to go that way-I really like the way the tubes came out and client LOVED it so it's all good!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Character designs for iphone app

STILL going on with this iphone app- more new character sketches-Opera Viking, Bowler & Brute.
VIKING is my fave!....but now I have to draw them from 3/4 overhead view like all the others.


He died a year ago...
A lot of controversy about the guy, BUT NO ONE can dispute he became one helluva strange looking dude and is fun to caricature!

Saturday, June 19, 2010



Did an M&m themed mitzvah with some great people who really LOVED my work!
Had to draw LOT of kids quickly-NOT MUCH TIME FOR PIX...
but these couples were some of my favorites- ESPECIALLY when they REQUESTED to be in SWIMSUITS!
Congrats M&m (Matt & Marissa)!
Thanks M&m (Marty & Mary)!

Tizz da season to be Groggy...

Ahh yes..... the Proj Grad/ Post prom season-gotta love them ? til 3am gigs!
These are always a blast and it seeems the lack of sleep by both artist and subject and the ensuing laughter and delerium lead to some pretty wild drawings and requests.
Always love the "group caricatures and the inevitable "jump in at the last minute" folk.
Sometimes I leave these gigs with a sore throat from all the laughing!

more Character Designy Grad Gift Flash Caricatures!

I think the Evel Kneivel and Hamlet are my favorites....

Character Designy Grad Gift Flash Caricatures!

Just finished up a bunch of these gifticature character design toons.
These are more in the style of Saturday morning cartoons-which flash lends itself to very well IMHO.
I enjoy these as a change of pace from the crazier exaggerated stuff and it's a nice exercise to try out different styles....and It's a lot of fun too-Thanks Bernd!