Friday, August 31, 2007

Sailing the Typographic Oceans

Since some of the art field positions I am now interested in pursuing require Typography samples,
I posted these pieces I rather liked from old assignments at Ad Force One, as well as a few new ones I recently did.
I thinkI'll post some logo work on here later on.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Self Caricature

This was my entry for the NCN Face Off for June/July.
I plan on working this into my homepage with cool rollovers and flash animations.
Those are not zits or trackmarks on my arms, they're mosquito bites-my face? well that's a different story.
I believe a good caricaturist should always be willing to hit themselves as hard as or harder than the general public....Dish it out AND TAKE IT! It's al in FUN!

That's why I love the NCN Cons! No thinskins there..


Daphne had me draw at her daughter's bday party a couple years ago, She also had me draw students at her schools, which was a blast, since it's kinda like a modified speed competition. I always love working with Daphne.
These pix are from her DAD'S Bday party.

She gave me one of the best compliments I ever received in my life.
At her daughters party some years ago, I drew Daphne's grandmom, who had since passed, she told me she made copies for her family and "It makes me smile every time I look at that picture." That's something so nice to hear and I'll always remember.

She's so nice and her family and friends all really have a great sense of humor, they laugh at me laughing at them!
Some of these faces were Caricature GOLD! My only regret is that I couldn't stay longer since I had a previous booking over the hills and faraway....That and not having a better camera!

Thanks Daphne!


This is the beautiful love of my life, Karin.
I did an Italian-themed party for her brother, Rudy.
It was lotsa fun and funy faces- Thanks Rudy!