Friday, January 16, 2009

Memory Sketching-Silver inspired

I've always been inspired and influenced by the brilliant work of Steve Silver, lately I've really tried to study his approach.
I've always done memory-sketching of faces, but he introduced this brand new aspect of it, challenging as hell, but fun as Hades-it's memory sketching FACE AND POSTURE. These are a few from my latest stabs.

These peeps were all in my Dr's office. One guy was grumbling to the girl behind the counter about filling out forms.
He kept talking to himself loud nuff for all to hear..."Same SHIT as Last Time!...he had great face and a flesh scarf of wrinkles in back of his head. Another guy walked round with his belt unbuckled, and this girl had a cool belt buckle.
I like these but over all I grade meself b-, c+ for capturing the actual posture...the grumbling guy though is A+!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is it for now...more to come



Man, THAT is one misleading title, since some of these took a helluva lotta time!
I've been trying to teach myself FLASH and doing some caricatures in it to keep me interested in it, sometimes the only way I can learn is to make it fun...
It's a little frustrating in that a lot of features in PS and Illustrator are so intuitive to me and they are non existent in Flash. It's starting to grow on me now though and it does have some really cool features.
I approached these in a character design way-some of these I'm pretty happy with, and that made it worth all the wall-headbanging in the beginning! Any Flash gurus, feel free to enlighten me!

Monday, January 5, 2009


IMMMA TRY to BLOG more in 09!
I know lotsa people like to sketch in coffee shops, but the REAL caricature gems are in Walmart after 11pm.
Crazy weather lately so I guess you could go barefoot & shirtless in suspenders in Dec.
and this Indian lady looked like she was holding on this tv for dear life...although these are memory sketches, I gotta admit I really didn't exaggerate too much at all!


Here's our Christmas card for 08.
I got a big head.
Wishing everyone a great 2009! New Year!-(It's gotta be better than 08, right?!)

Full-body Caricatures

The skinny guy said he really does steel-cage matches.....ok

Full-body Caricatures

THE English guys and Fred & Wilma were my favorite!
(English people are always SOOOOO Crazy looking!)

FUll-body Caricatures