Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fun gig doing Caricamation- Animated live digital caricatures for Roberts Events Group at Phila Convention Center-Sitters got to see the sites of Philly via the lovely chauffeur, Rene whilest Roberts Events Group promo services were peppered throughout cartoon-
digital print with logo provided/ jpg, mov uploaded to DropBox for quick/ easy access!
Thanks Rene, Joey and Rob!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Video of Live Digital Caricatures from party for Revzilla at North Bowl Phila!

Lotsa Fun doing the live digital caricatures for Revzilla's holiday party! The whole thing was broadcast on projector screen for all to enjoy and laugh at! Finally got the video uploaded. Thanks Lee Ann, Anthony and Revzilla!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DENTAL CARICATURES- like pulling teeth!

Sometimes when doing gift caricatures, you find very general repetitive themes, golf, fishing, sports, etc....But sometimes you get very Specific themes- such as Singing Dentist in kilt w/ highlander boots and Scottsman in chair- and sometimes you get schooled in the difference between orthodontists and oral surgeons!

I did this gift caricature of the chief of the President of a national surgical society and commemorate that during the year he made a number of trips around the country / world. I had lots of fun putting the braces on all the characters!...Then the client let me know he absolutely LOVES it....BUT that BRACES are NOT pertinent to the profession of oral surgery! This is a relatively easy fix in digital but would have been LOTS of work if traditional.
Thanks Lou & Bernd!

SOLD! My Lizard Bong Tee is selling on my zazzle store!*

This is on of many designs I have available on my zazzle store- just made another sale from this design! The cool thing with zazzle is you can have your art printed on virtually anything from cups to shirts to skateboards!
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