Monday, October 26, 2009

Tech-a-nick-nick-el DIFF-i-cult-ees!

Seems the iphone game I was working on will be delayed a bit and probably not ready by Halloween.
The design flaws slowed the playing down a bit and I had to do some revisions on the bgs and add a new one.
Their site is mostly under construction but there are some pretty cool things on there already-CHECK it OUT!
Meantime here is the garden bg and some knocked down elder characters-probably my last post til after the ALWAYS AWESOME CARICATURE CON!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Character designs for iphone app

Each character had to be done in front back and side view. Funny story on the needle nurse-the rear view is supposed to be her sccrubs bbut the client thought it was her bare ass! I had to change the color otherwise apple could slap a 17+ rating on the game! Crazy world where a cartoon ass is monitored closer than all them porn pop-ups...


MORE SCREENSHOTS FROM IPHONE APP. Characters created in Flash for animation on iphone.
"Nursing Home Defense" Video game app from Muscle Crowe Studios set to be available for download Oct 19th!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Old Fogeys, Zombies, & the iphone!

Coming to an iphone near you in time for Halloween...!
I am just finishing up the final work for an iphone ap about zombies in a nursing home.
Titled: Nursing Home Defense

This was probably one of the most enjoyable and challenging character design projects I ever had.
The characters had to be viewed from a 3/4 overhead viewpoint to gel with the bg.
I had LOTS of artistic freedom(ALLWAYS a big plus) and Brian is a great guy to work with!
All the character designs had to be done in FLASH- the bg are done in Photoshop.
I feel I learned a LOT and have a lot more to learn about it, but I'm really digging this project and hope to do more!
Now I gotta but an iphone.

Here's some of the playaz and a shot of what the game screen should look like for one of the levels: