Tuesday, July 8, 2008


THESE ARE SOME Pix from a recent 10pm-3am gig with fellow NCNers John Sprague, Angie Jordan & Emily Anthony among others. (Check them out on sidebar) This is 3-4 years doing this gig and these kids are ALWAYS cool to work with!
Here's a pic I took of kids taking pix of my work thru the window while waiting in line. A lot of these kids will head for my chair-and some of them will avoid it like the plague. I like when the sitter not only knows what they're in for, but look forward to it! Some of these are from the "laughter" vids posted previously. Thanks fo da gig, Sprigman! and thanks for all the great LAUGHS, East Brunswick grads! Congrats!


Rick Wright said...

Nice work my friend. Keep up the good work and keep'em laughing!!

Emily said...

Hahahah yeah--it IS a fun gig!