Monday, July 7, 2008

"Luck of the Draw"

I worked 7 years as a graphic artist for Toll Brothers mostly in Photoshop & Illustrator.
Graphic programs can be a lot of fun, but nothing beats good ole fashioned DRAWING!
I've done some pretty sledgehammery smashed up drawings of some coworkers, some of which I plan to post.
I've also created a couple gift caricatures and custom artwork for some departments and employees.

Toll had a "Fine Art" contest and my 3 pieces (counting as one entry) won me an award and was published in their company newsletter "Bricks & Sticks" so
I was approached to do my own column, featuring a caricature of an employee per issue.
The fun part of it was that I could do whatever style/approach I chose. I planned to vary as much as I could and experiment with new influences.

I had a couple submissions but this guy was hands down the funnest face in the bunch-plus he entered 40 seconds after the issue came out...
This is the first "winner" of the Toll's "Luck of the Draw" contest and the last since I was one of many, many who got laid off, don't know if this guy did too. If, by chance this guy visits my blog-feel free to email me & I'll send you the hi-res file. You were fun to draw!

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