Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been really loving drawing dogs lately!
I think it's a real memory builder-since you gotta kinda trust your minds eye cuz ain't no dog sittin still for a caricature! My favorite part lately is the crazy, slobbery, rubbery gumstuff that bulldogs and others have!

As with people, I find I'm sketching out some of the sitters of yesterday the next morning-
I do a lot of these "Day After the Night Before" sketches, when you have more than 5-10 minutes to rethink the subject-and try to nail it 100%...kinda like Aha-THAT'S what I shudda done!...I'll try posting some of these later.
I think I'm getting a better understanding of actually EXAGGERATING the moods as well as the features of the dogs faces. I don't want to draw big-eyed smiley faces or just a resemblance of the breed, more like tryna see a dog from a dog's point of view..How would a dog draw a caricature of another dog?
Next, I intend to try to pay more attention to body language in my next couple gigs, as I think after looking at the photos, sometimes I overlook a really distinct body shape or stance and that could really add HUMOR to the finished work.

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