Friday, January 11, 2013


I AM SUPER-STOKED TO be working on this AWESOME project!
A comicbook like concept to go along with music videos.
Figero Baunchi is the brainchild of the wonderfully imaginative and creative force-
 Mr. Alphalpha aka Nathan A Jones aka Figero Baunchi...

I am 99% free to do WHATEVER type of illustrations I want AND the story is truly entertaining and amusing- EXCITING to be part of! Most of the project is still in Secret Squirrel mode but I can share some of the character design sketches and a few of the pieces-
Not for the kiddies-(more of a R/ NC-17 rating, as most rap vids are....)
Looking forward to the possibilities of this collaboration-!


figero baunchi said...

One of the newest faces in decades to create this level of artistry.
(Figero|Baunchi)aka Mr Al Phalpha is a the new color in the coloring box to say the least.
Crafting wonderful visuals with ease. His music is thought provoking, sensual and delicate, harsh and sentimental. Causing a sense of oneness and self awareness at the same time. Entangled in the web of reality FigeroBaunchi is the definitive mark in his display of sheer hip hop brilliance. There is no one or shall come after that he will resemble. He is definitely in his own right a master at his craft.A Dayton, Ohio native, 3rd infantry raised and Ga fed all around good guy! Check him out and see that he is worth your applause.He would like to thank Patrick Harringtoon for crafting such wonderful reflections of his thoughts. Be blessed.

I Ivanov said...

Well that is an extraordinary work.

Patrick Harrington said...

Thank you Figero!
Thanks very much Ivanov!