Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I had the great pleasure of doing wedding caricatures for the fun-loving Kelsey & Dan and their family and friends-mostly all fans of the crazier No-Mercy style I like to execute (pun intended)!
I knew it was gonna be fun-when a downpour came and while I was in the men's room, a guest came in soaking wet laughing and umm...wiping his wet areas, protesting he didn't pee himself no matter how it looks and he shudda brought an umbrella...funny guy and he was the 1st one to sit in my chair so I tried to commemorate the lavatory exchange-he nearly wet himself again when he saw the pic!
Fun-loving CRAZY folks were laughing and encouraging me to get more & more twisted thru the night-requesting bizarre things, flu-shot buttocks and Frankenstein scars.....
It was a BLAST and one of the funnest wedding events I did last year!- my only regret is that my memory card in my camera got misplaced and it took me so long to find & post these....(and that I don't check my fb very often...sorry bout that...)
Kelseys comments:

HEY PATRICK!!!! Sorry it has taken me so long to touch base with you since my wedding back in july. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! Having you at our wedding was the best deision I ever made( besides marring dan) lol... I was also wondering if you were going to post some of the pictures you were taking that night! I loved having you there I love the sketch of my parents!!!! my dad looks AWFUL, and I love it!! he did have a few to many drinks! I cant believe I forgot to have you do a caricature of my daughter and I  I was wondering if I sent you a pic of us, would you be able to do one? I would love it if you could!! let me know...Honestly, I cant thank you enough for bringing so much laughter to my wedding!!!!! I really loved it!!!!!!!

 Fresh from the Mens Room.....

 Let's just say the "grab" was not improvised in the least....

 The lovely Kelsey and not-quite-so-lovely-but-in-a-masculine-way-kinda...Dan
(We both have the complexion of that of a boiled lobster)

 Mum & Dad

 Again...NOT improvised...well maybe just a little in the coloring( not quite sooo green)

Thanks Kelsey & Dan!
.....and Thanks for your patience.


Emily Anthony said...

These are phenom!!! No one draws boobs (and butts) like you do. The dad is a winner!!

Harringtoon said...

LOTSa fun at this gig!...though I don't recall drawing too many butts?....

Niall O loughlin said...

Just brilliant Patrick, what are you using for colour?

Harringtoon said...

Thanks there Laddy!
I use the ol reliable PRISMACOLOR ART STIX.
Tried some cheapo brands but they aint got it!
Slainte and Begorragh!

caricature lafontaine said...

Fantastique!Can't stop laughing looking at these caricatures!