Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tis the Season for giftins & commissions!!

Here are a couple favorites from this years Christmas' gift commissions.
Quite a contrast in theme/ style but the feedback from the clients was very similar in that they each loved their piece!
1st was a cutie toon of a boy in NY who really likes T Rex.

Client feedback:

Omg! We LOVE it! Thank you again so very much! Great job, as I knew it would be.  My husband is a pretty tough sell and he thinks it's awesome.  

You rock! Have a great holiday. 


2nd one was a little off-center for Christmas time, but it definitely fits perfectly with the client & his instructions! Frank is a super fun guy with a seriously warped sense of humor!
He has a line of twisted tee-shirts called "Chalked" that I designed for him per his directives.
Her large forehead was special request-
" O and if you can do me one favor and make her head abnormally big that would be awesome. I always make fun of her dome and she doesn't believe me so if you draw it she'll go nuts, and I win haha! but besides that, the style, and how bad you mess us up is all you. I want it to be a surprise to me to lol."

Client feedback: HAHAHA!! Its Awsome! thanks man! shes gonna dig it! I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Hey Patrick my girlfriend loved the pic. Thanks again man! Merry Christmas

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