Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cops & Caricatures

This is a mixture of "Live Caricature" & "Gift Caricature" and something I plan to offer more often.
Bob wanted full-color gift illo for retiring school principal-4 cop's mugs + retiree in "No Mercy" style..which is usually done in studio from photos and can take some time....and he needed it soon...but after discussing budget and timeline nad the fact that it was a 10 minute drive, we agreed the best way to approach this would be to have me come like I would any other live event at my regular hourly rate and take "art direction" from there. So I was escorted into Abington Police Precinct. I ended up sketching each of the attending officers around an empty desk where the guest of honor would be seated. However the only pix of said guest were on a website so I inked and did alittle color on the policemen and then sat at a desk drawing the retiring principal from a website photo-not the easiest thing to do. Then I finished all the coloring. The whole time I can hear these guys joking with eachother and realize I need not pull ANY punches! All in all, around 2 hrs-including time waiting for the colorful guy in the yellow to show up. These guys had great sense of humor and were a lot of fun and laughed their asses off-pointing out eachother to eachother-turning red and purple! Thanks offficers!......and No, I was not drinking.

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Emily Anthony said...

This turned out GREAT! Love hearing how it came about, too!