Monday, October 28, 2013


LOTSA FUN  doing the Zombie toon caricatures at Terror Behind the Walls with crazy psycho Johnny Sprague! I'm doing mixtures of cute/ gross to the preference of the sitter/ parents.Also varying degrees and locations of brain matter or what they may have for brains!..;)I also had a private Halloween party booked last week where it was Zombies, Werewolves (and Were- foxes?), Jokers, Catwoman, tortured Batmans, Zombie Super Heroes...and little Red Riding Hood...?
But the one that stands out this week is ANOTHER FIRST for me, CONJUGAL VISIT TOON!- I really wanted to Zombify them too but she INSISTED no ZOMBIES! sooo000 I'm hoping for a Zombie Conjugal Visit request next time! Cmon Bring it ON!!

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Emily Anthony said...

These are great! Eastern Penn and Halloween suit you!!!