Friday, January 28, 2011


SOME more ipad doodles-in COLOR!!-I REALY DIG the coloring possibilities with the ipad-that's what I look forward to experimenting with the most now.

My POP & my BRO!
The green mist around Daddy-o is a combination of shamrocks & Guinness gas!....
and I just drew my bro like that cause that's what he gets for saying "You can't draw on an ipad!"

(of course, my Mom went running down into the basement and locked the door when I told her she was next...!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


(WISH I could say I conquered.... but I'm getting there)
and HERE is the one that got the biggest reaction and the aforementioned compliment! (double at top)


This was my 1st ipad gig and the kids LOVED it -it was a BLAST!
There is a definite learning curve to it but 45 min-hr into it I found it becoming more and more intuitive, though I definitely still have much to learn about it but I'm definitely confident in adding this to my caric-arsenal and look forward to more!
I had the great fortune of working alongside Digital Blacksmith's ipad veterans Angie & Scott and am deeply indebted for their assistance, especially to techno-uber-genius (at least compared to me) Scott for letting me borrow his brain and handling the printing end of the task whilst i doodled on the pad. Thanks guys!

I was also happy that this 1st gig got me one of my best compliments in my 20+ yrs of caricaturing....a cute young lady declared between the bursts of laughter:
"That is the BEST picture I EVER seen!-(period!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Could it be?...another zombie game? I sure hope so

I sure hope so!
Still working on finishing up the muscle crow Elvis zombie...
Mean while got another inquiry on different game needing, you guessed it, Zombie character designs.
Actually I had 3 different inquiries on zombie games that I used these for and one client loved them so it wasn't 30 minutes wasted.
Hopefully this comes to fruition as I really dig this kind of work and am continually learning more cool flash animation.


Really dug the piece Court Jones did on the team coco fan art site-and decided to give it a go.
If I'm lucky it'll be shown on his show like Court's was.
I know he's a BIG ZEP fan so, this is fitting.
From one pasty faced freckled big-headed, Plant-singing Irish Zeppelin fan to another....Led Conan!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well I'm thinking of making a resolution to blog/ fb more....problem is 24 hrs in one day -if I blog for 4 hrs, that's 4 hrs I could have been drawing or animating and that's 4 too many! But I will try to stay more regular...."Activiaaaa!

These were a couple of faves from the nght-having fun playing @ with character design and tones since the lighting accentuated the shapes soooooo much. Starring the Always popular "bathing/ showering in the beer Santa!...This Bass Ale promotion was such a blast and I want to thank my clients and customers for some of the most memorable times I ever had in numerous, various bars, LOTS of smiles, laughter & craziness!


Always a great time at this teamsters Holiday party.
Fun drawing along with fellow toonsters Angie, Emily, & Joe W.
This is a nonstop gig where it's just one cute kid after another.....til some goofy looking clown sits down!
She's very cool and a fan of the crazier stuff too!