Thursday, January 27, 2011


This was my 1st ipad gig and the kids LOVED it -it was a BLAST!
There is a definite learning curve to it but 45 min-hr into it I found it becoming more and more intuitive, though I definitely still have much to learn about it but I'm definitely confident in adding this to my caric-arsenal and look forward to more!
I had the great fortune of working alongside Digital Blacksmith's ipad veterans Angie & Scott and am deeply indebted for their assistance, especially to techno-uber-genius (at least compared to me) Scott for letting me borrow his brain and handling the printing end of the task whilst i doodled on the pad. Thanks guys!

I was also happy that this 1st gig got me one of my best compliments in my 20+ yrs of caricaturing....a cute young lady declared between the bursts of laughter:
"That is the BEST picture I EVER seen!-(period!)

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