Monday, August 23, 2010


This red guy (at top) was so great I told him I would definitely be using him as inspiration for my next character design on Pirates! Then again I could use a LOT of these for that!


John Sprague said...

Patt! The energy and animation is exploding outta these drawings- so much flow, rhythm and perfectly chosen colors and size relationships - damn! Love that red onion headed dude in the first pic and how his ear butts right into his wife's face...and the lady with the gritted teeth in the last pic had me cracking up. More more more!

Harringtoon said...

Thanks Sprig man!
Yeah, the red onion guy be one of my all-time faves-and he really DUG it!
I got more coming...... but I'd rather draw than blog for a while...and get back to some more politico-bashing!