Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Came across this piece I did while in art school....lo some 20 or so years ago...ouch!
It's for the story "The Old Man & the Sea"-great movie with Spencer Tracey....
I remember the reason I picked this scene was just about every other artist in class was going with the literal and obvious subjects of the marlin and boat and sea and I was tired of doing that for other projects so I wanted to go in a direction that was more personal to the story and really only accurately interpretable by those who actually read the book (or saw the movie)-not just the title.

It's still one of my favorite pieces I ever did and I miss the discipline of art school to pull me out of my "Cartoondom Safe Haven" at least once in a while...Thanks for the assignment, Kim!

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Emily Anthony said...

Wow, that's very intriguing...both the piece itself, and seeing something you've done that's not your current usual hilarious style. Love the light-on-dark feel.