Friday, April 16, 2010


At 1st, I was PSYCHED when the ipad came out-thought my zombie game will look great on it!..
WELL, I've been posting for some time now about the iphone/ ipad zombie game being finished and now that it is near ready for distributing, Apple announces that they "won't allow" content made with Flash! The programmer tells me that it'll be at least another month now to convert it to C plus or minus or whatever!
First they come up with the "NO BOOBIES" on apps rule and now this! Apple makes some wonderful toys/tools but being told how to play with, use them after you shell out the cash is shear pompous stupidity that I hope it backfires on the censor-happy Jobs. Come on Google, get your ipad version out and give Jobs a big chunk of humble pie!

Here's a piece of a sketch I'm working on in honor of his ever-growing elitism and restrictions....


caricatoonz said...

Pat, that's totally fucked. I thought, like you did, that this was going to be playable on the iphone/pad/douche, and that flash-CREATED apps wouldn't be a problem. Did your client tell you directly about the impossibility of this happening and that now the whole game is squashed? Are there ANY other ways we'll be able to play this? Like, say, online, non-iphone? If so, then hopefully not all is lost. However, what i want to know, is did the client thoroughly research this before giving you the assignment? If Flash-created apps never worked in the first place, why would he have given you the go ahead for this? Were there games created with Flash that worked, and now dont? Jobs is a schmuck for not allowing Flash and boobies, but maybe the client should have been aware of this, right?

FrankenBarry said...

Some guy, here in Denver, lost half a finger trying to rescue his ipad from a couple of muggers... guess they didn't know about the "No Boobies" rule. Great sketch... looking forward to the finished piece!