Monday, July 27, 2009

George Carlin-REVISED

It was brought to my attention, George wears black 99% of the time-Thanks Ang!


I 've been doing gift carics over 20 years now, and I think this is my all-time favorite! (non-digital, maybe even digital, too..l)
I LOVE No-Mercy requests, and he gots a great face.
I spent over half hr on the beard & chin alone!

Friday, July 17, 2009


This is the 2nd time I was hired through About Faces (link on left) to do an on-site Group piece for Bill G.
When doing groups I prefer to see how the people relate to eachother in size/ shape dynamics.
I think it adds a lot to it and makes it a funnier cartoon.
It's always a fun challenge to do these in the 2 hr time slot while the people come in to get drawn one by one and there is ALWAYS someone who doesn't come in til the last minute and then you have to squeeze them in somehow...Last year there were 3 really big guys and the last guy comes in-he was twice the size of the others!
This time it was the skinny guy on the far right, he was @ 1 hr 57 minutes late-so I drew his watch broken. They kept me another hr to finish it up and gave me lunch with a Heineken to boot! It's all good!

There was a golf tournament going on, so everyone was eager to hit the greens-so I didn't get any pix of the victims.

The middle guy w/ glasses is 91 yrs old and you can't tell from this caricature, but he looks GREAT for his age.
Bill's the big guy top left.

Bill and his crew have great sense of humor and love to laugh so I pull no punches...This was alot of fun at 10 am!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Gift CARICATURES for obgyn doctors!

These are done in Flash-(my favorite new program!)
They're all obgyn docs so I put the different babies in there. The themes were "Happy Feet", "Yosemite Sam" and "Tony Soprano"-my favorite is baby Soprano-could be Silvio or Paulie....
These were a LOT of fun and a LOT of work-and he paid UpFront and he LOved them so it was ALLL GOOD!
LOVE to get more clients like this do more of these!
Thanks Owen & Deb!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new Brunswick HS Project -cont'd-VIDEO

He LOves his caricature!

New Brunswick HS Project -cont'd

This is the largest I ever drew a zit at a live gig!............ (applause subsides....)

This guy came up to me and asked me to give him the works! He says "I don't know how you could possibly make it any more brutal than the one he did!" pointing to Wacky Lunatic Johnny Sprague, who was assaulting people's faces like he was MJ's plastic surgeon (AWW-I didn't want to go there....). I said I'll do my best... to do my worst..!
I noticed he had 2 itty bitty pinpoint zits on each side of his face (the camera didn't even pick them up..) so I EXAGGERATED them..that's what Caricaturists do...ExAG-jur-ATE! He loved it!

New BrunswiCK HS Project -cont'd


June was a crazy busy time with 10pm-3am gigs... sometimes running into 12pm-3pm and later, grad parties.
This was one of my favorite gigs ever-drawing alongside Angie Jordan, Emily Anthony, and Nutcase Johnny Sprague!
Along with a couple other artists...
The NB gigs are always a BLAST-These kids always have the BEST sense of humor and pretty thick skins (even the girls ask to get nutty drawings)
Sometimes, the drawings get even crazier than normal-with the encouragement of the kids-
and that is just how I LIKE IT!-Thanks to all who made it happen!
Here's some of my faves...