Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Brunswick HS Project -cont'd

This is the largest I ever drew a zit at a live gig!............ (applause subsides....)

This guy came up to me and asked me to give him the works! He says "I don't know how you could possibly make it any more brutal than the one he did!" pointing to Wacky Lunatic Johnny Sprague, who was assaulting people's faces like he was MJ's plastic surgeon (AWW-I didn't want to go there....). I said I'll do my best... to do my worst..!
I noticed he had 2 itty bitty pinpoint zits on each side of his face (the camera didn't even pick them up..) so I EXAGGERATED them..that's what Caricaturists do...ExAG-jur-ATE! He loved it!

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