Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full-body Caricatures

BIN a long,lonely, lonely lonely ...lonely ....TIME.
Some oldies here....

This was a very interesting gig with fellow Toonster, Angie Jordan.
HAD to be 8x10 paper and we were to ask the sitter HOW THEY MET the birthday girl AND WHAT THEY WERE WEARING!-we were then to draw that outfit in the cartoon-60's, 70's, 80's garb etc
Interesting thing is the sitters who were the nieces or nephews and had no idea what they'd be wearing-so we just went with a theme or event of their recall. This was definitely more demanding drawing at smaller size with full body and I approached it more as character design, drawing a lot tighter than my usual loose quick lines, but I really started digging it after 2 or 3. The mars graphic duo was great for this and would really like to do this again.

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