Sunday, November 16, 2008


What a BLAST the NCN CON is!
200+ of the world's greatest caricaturists from around the world gather to draw eachother in every stretch possible-no holds barred! Artists from Australia, Belgium, China, Ireland, England, Japan, netherlands, Singapore and more come to compete, network, greet old friends, meet new friends and just share the love of caricature!
The hardest part of these cons for me is to absorb all the inspiration and creative artistic experimentation and
STILL REMAINED FOCUS on a particular project-it's like an overload of ideas that fight eachother to get out of the pen first-this results in having to pick and choose between completing your work or starting more unfinished pieces.
All thru the year there are a few Isolated moments of divine the con, it is a bombardment!
This year I went digital and used plasq's Comic Life to create comicbook pages for my wall.
Here's some pieces (and explanations):

Roger Hurtado-fellow NCNer-and taco eater, also shared the stage with new president Obama in Chicago...and farted.
Adam English-fellow NCNer-and singer songwriter of hillarious caricature songs-with a neck like a flagpole...and a voice like a tadpole.
Joe Bluhm-fellow NCNer-award-winner and amateur dentist-Joe can't do anything besides draw,paint or sculpt-In fact, he's so inept at manual labor he would use a pair of pliers to bang in the screws on his "Nosey" braces. (thus the bloodstains)
Jan & Klaas OpdeBeeck-fellow NCNers-Jan gives numerous drawing classes, and his nephews name is Klaas {pronounced "class") and Klaas" hair is crazy wild, like stink lines-and Jan farts (I couldn't resist the pun)
Mike Giblin-fellow NCNer-guy from England-drinks beer-surprise!?
Niall Oloughlin & Tad Barney-fellow NCNers-Nial-guy from Ireland-drinks LOTS of beer-Tad-runs the Nose Caricature Co.
Nial is more interested in the Golden Lager in Tad Barney's hand then in the Golden Nosey to his left.


Emily Anthony said...

Even if you don't know the people or the in-jokes, the visual part of these are so strong and so uniquely your vision, that I am just in awe of your talent. As are all of your friends, I'm sure.
Kudos, Pat.

Niall O loughlin said...

Absolute classic picture of me man, with your permission can I stick a tribute to you and picture on my blog?
ps. miss you already,

Poodle stuffer xxx!


Awww Thanks Em, I'm blushing!
Which is not a pretty sight to see a drunken Irish albino turn beet red!

Nial, DeFinitely you can,LAD!
You can do ANYTHING EXCEPT dog-sit Mr. Jackson Brownstain! Slainte'

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome work!!!!!
Very nice!