Sunday, January 27, 2008


Meant to post this a while ago...A good friend of mine had a family tragedy sometime ago. His sister was killed in a motorcycle accident. My friend Miguel, who I worked with for @5-6 yrs and have drawn@least 100 times (not flatteringly either), told me the girls brother, Leon, was tryna think of something to remember his sister by and recalled how much he liked my work that Miguel had shown him. I took this as a real compliment that he remembered my work since it had been prob @ 2-3 yrs that I saw Leon, and that he himself is a pretty kickass tattoo artist and knows many others. He's a very colorful guy, with a forked tongue,which he did to himself, various piercings and multi-tats...But I was really hesitant to do the degree of caricature on his sister that I did of Miguel. After talkin with Leon, it was apparent that he was looking more for something that caught Sara's fun-loving spirit than a grotesque caricature. He needed it ASAP & told me she loved pirates and emailed me some photos and this was the design we decided on. I've designed plenty of tattoos before, since highschool days.. from buddhas to skeletons, but none compare to this. It was a real honor to do. RIP Sarah Jean.

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Emily said...

That's a beauty,Pat!
And the tattoo artist did a good job in rendering the elegant yet playful version you came up with.