Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vids of Kids and Burper's Laughter

Full-color, Full-body Caricature Parties-Sexy!

This lovely lady said she wanted to be in a "sexy thong bikini".
The gentleman voiced no argument, just smiled widely.

Full-color, Full-body Caricature Parties

Full-color, Full-body Caricature Parties

More fun stuff! First time I drew a sea-turtle with mermaids-like the Kinks sang "give the people what they want!"

Full-color, Full-body Caricature Parties

This guy was a popular subject, even before he sat.
Everyone kept telling me he was lost on a mountain for a week, hence the "maps for dummies" book.

Full-color, Full-body Caricature Parties

It's nice to get these gigs where you can take your time and work on the cartoons.
I love it when the background conversation gives you more info & ideas than the sitter does or the spontanaeity of of an unpredictable sitter inspires one to capture the moment in time. Case in point, this fun-loving couple...he had tried out for Ny Jets but hurt his knee(s), and she ,well, she was burping scallions in the poor guys face, they laughed their asses off and it was a magical moment!

Monday, July 14, 2008


"Crowded hydrant"


I've been really loving drawing dogs lately!
I think it's a real memory builder-since you gotta kinda trust your minds eye cuz ain't no dog sittin still for a caricature! My favorite part lately is the crazy, slobbery, rubbery gumstuff that bulldogs and others have!

As with people, I find I'm sketching out some of the sitters of yesterday the next morning-
I do a lot of these "Day After the Night Before" sketches, when you have more than 5-10 minutes to rethink the subject-and try to nail it 100%...kinda like Aha-THAT'S what I shudda done!...I'll try posting some of these later.
I think I'm getting a better understanding of actually EXAGGERATING the moods as well as the features of the dogs faces. I don't want to draw big-eyed smiley faces or just a resemblance of the breed, more like tryna see a dog from a dog's point of view..How would a dog draw a caricature of another dog?
Next, I intend to try to pay more attention to body language in my next couple gigs, as I think after looking at the photos, sometimes I overlook a really distinct body shape or stance and that could really add HUMOR to the finished work.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


THESE ARE SOME Pix from a recent 10pm-3am gig with fellow NCNers John Sprague, Angie Jordan & Emily Anthony among others. (Check them out on sidebar) This is 3-4 years doing this gig and these kids are ALWAYS cool to work with!
Here's a pic I took of kids taking pix of my work thru the window while waiting in line. A lot of these kids will head for my chair-and some of them will avoid it like the plague. I like when the sitter not only knows what they're in for, but look forward to it! Some of these are from the "laughter" vids posted previously. Thanks fo da gig, Sprigman! and thanks for all the great LAUGHS, East Brunswick grads! Congrats!

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Luck of the Draw"

I worked 7 years as a graphic artist for Toll Brothers mostly in Photoshop & Illustrator.
Graphic programs can be a lot of fun, but nothing beats good ole fashioned DRAWING!
I've done some pretty sledgehammery smashed up drawings of some coworkers, some of which I plan to post.
I've also created a couple gift caricatures and custom artwork for some departments and employees.

Toll had a "Fine Art" contest and my 3 pieces (counting as one entry) won me an award and was published in their company newsletter "Bricks & Sticks" so
I was approached to do my own column, featuring a caricature of an employee per issue.
The fun part of it was that I could do whatever style/approach I chose. I planned to vary as much as I could and experiment with new influences.

I had a couple submissions but this guy was hands down the funnest face in the bunch-plus he entered 40 seconds after the issue came out...
This is the first "winner" of the Toll's "Luck of the Draw" contest and the last since I was one of many, many who got laid off, don't know if this guy did too. If, by chance this guy visits my blog-feel free to email me & I'll send you the hi-res file. You were fun to draw!


Some pix of kids taking pix of me from glass window of those waiting in line.
some of these onlookers will seek out my chair and others will avoid it like the plague. I like that.


These are some of my faves from recent 10pm-3am gig with fellow NCN toonsters John Sprague, Angie Jordan, and Emily Anthony, among others. This is 3rd or 4th year there and these kids are ALWAYS great! Some of these are from the" laughter vids" posted b4...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Man,spent a lot of time drawing from 10pm-3am the last few weeks!
These were a BLAST! No-"make me pretty" or "don't make my nose too big" These kids wanted to LAUGH!
I think the sleep-deprivation contributes to the kids really getting into having the wackiest caricatures they can get!
How else to explain these? She said she wanted "worm-chins"...that was a first.